Autumn school 2018

2018 dates: 19 November – 23 November20151201_124804

Course Theme Leaders : Dr Ceri Lewis, Professor Tim ElliottProfessor Chris Budd

Location: Dartington Hall, Totnes

Objective:  The Autumn School provides students with the opportunity to discover some of the fundamental research techniques and principles of each other’s Research Themes through a series of lectures and field and computer practicals.  This will be complemented with training in project management and collaboration to build on the interdisciplinary nature of the one week residential school.20151201_161413

Composition:  the Autumn School will occur over 5 days – half day at the start and at the end of the week – and students will be expected to participate in both computer-based and field practicals in the grounds surrounding Dartington Hall.  An overview of the 5 day programme is as follows:

Day 1 (afternoon): Introduction to Project Managament

Day 2: Introduction to Climate Modelling and computer practicals in DIY Climate Modelling and Snowball Earth

Day 3: River fieldwork exercise followed by data analysis of river fieldwork and group presentations

Day 4: Fieldwork practicals in Geological survey and data reduction techniques followed by familiarisation with geographical information and data analysis

Day 5 (morning): Managing projects – People and Collaborations

Demonstrators from across the GW4+ partnership will be present throughout the week to support the training in these sessions.

The Autumn School will allow students to get to know their fellow cohort members better of the course of the week and a number of social activities will be organised throughout the week.


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