Earth and environmental scientists are in demand from a diverse range of sectors.  The DTP training programme aims to equip students with a broad range of skills in preparation for their future careers.  Students will be expected to gain fundamental and advanced research skills, alongside complementary transferable skills.  Training will be offered within the Vitae Researcher Development Framework through a number of mechanisms across the South west and Wales.

20151201_170500Autumn school

Students are expected to attend a week long residential course in their first term during which they will receive training from each of the three Research Themes. This will be complemented by training in project management and collaboration to help nurture the beginnings of interdisciplinarity that we aim to encourage at the school.  Students will be expected to partake in lectures as well as field and computer practicals, and a range of social activities will be organised to allow students to get to each other better.  More information on this year’s Autumn School.

Foundation researcher training

A number of courses will be provided by the DTP and its partner organisations to ensure that students are provided with training in foundation research skills.  Courses will cover:

  • Programming
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Spatial Analysis
  • Data Analysis with R Statistical Software
  • Science communication
  • Science policy
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Students will be expected to attend DTP organised courses and will be directed to relevant courses held within partner organisations.

Further details about the Foundation skills training.

Advanced researcher training

Students are provided with a £4,000 training budget for their 3.5 year studentship to use, with approval from their supervisors, to cover the cost of courses essential to developing a student’s researcher skills.  This budget can be used for the cost of course fees and course related travel and accommodation and students are expected to manage this budget over the duration of the PhD.

Examples of some of the training options student can take.

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