Researchers starting in 2016

PhD Researcher Profiles

University of Bath“>Raising the roof

Researcher: Matthew Griffith
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Physical drivers of water quality in artificially destratified lakes and reservoirs

Researcher: Emily Slavin
Theme(s): Changing Planet

University of Bristol“>The Genes for Parasitism in the Parasitic Nematode Strongyloides ratti

Researcher: Rebecca Cole
Theme(s): Living World“>Storms and dust: Investigating terrestrial inputs and their impacts on the Equatorial Atlantic over glacial-interglacial cycles

Researcher: George Rowland
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Predator personality and cognition: their impacts on prey

Researcher: Andrew Szopa-Comley
Theme(s): Living World“>On the eve of the Cambrian Explosion: Palaeobiology and preservation of the Ediacaran Weng’an Biota (Doushantuo Fm, South China)

Researcher: Emma Landon
Theme(s): Living World“>Monitoring and Understanding Volcanic Processes with InSAR

Researcher: Jessica Williamson
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Monitoring and Modelling Induced Seismicity in the UK

Researcher: Tom Kettlety
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Melting Patagonian Ice Fields as a source of nutrient to marine ecosystems

Researcher: Helena Pryer
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Investigating the bioavailability of organic nutrients to freshwater biota

Researcher: Catherine Bayliss
Theme(s): Living World“>Insights into granite-related mineralisation from in situ studies of accessory minerals

Researcher: Luke Neal
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Improving volcanic risk mitigation at Fuego Volcano, Guatemala

Researcher: Ailsa Naismith
Theme(s): Living World, Solid Earth“>Evolutionary innovations and convergence in Mesozoic marine reptiles: locomotory adaptations to ocean ecosystems

Researcher: Susana Gutarra
Theme(s): Living World“>Evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet from satellite altimetry and SAR

Researcher: Jennifer Maddalena
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Collapse of the former Barents Sea Ice Sheet: an analogue for a future West Antarctica

Researcher: Matt Trevers
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Causes and consequences of dramatic carbon cycle perturbations of the past

Researcher: Markus Adloff
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Arctic methane tipping points – watching the atmosphere for change

Researcher: Angharad Stell
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World

Cardiff University“>Titanium isotopic investigation of magma generation and evolution on the Earth and Moon

Researcher: Jamie Gillies
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Projecting the effects of climate change on prey selection and dietary competition between reed bed warbler species across Europe

Researcher: Sarah Davies
Theme(s): Living World—–interactions-between-diet-gut-microbiota-and-parasites.pdf“>Polar bear health – interactions between diet, gut microbiota and parasites

Researcher: Sophie Watson
Theme(s): Living World“>Late Quaternary Antarctic ice sheet discharge: exploiting the sediment diatom silica archive

Researcher: James Williams
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Gold mineralisation and tectonomagmatic evolution of the Yalgoo Singleton Greenstone Belt, Western Australia

Researcher: Jamie Price
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Geological and Geochemical Constraints on the Evolution of the Panama Isthmus

Researcher: Joanna Brims
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Determining the drivers of harmful algal blooms and their impact on public water supply resilience during droughts

Researcher: Helen Cantwell
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Assessing ocean alkalinity for carbon storage

Researcher: Sarah Gore
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Antarctic Ice sheet instability: Insights from palaeoclimate data and ice sheet modelling

Researcher: Matthew Hall
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Exeter University“>The influence of foraging success on marine turtle migration and breeding and the ecological impact of a changing climate

Researcher: Julia Haywood
Theme(s): Living World“>Tasmanian Devil declines and their effects on predator ecology

Researcher: Olivia Bell
Theme(s): Living World“>Linking proglacial and subglacial geomorphology in southwest Greenland

Researcher: Oliver Bartlett
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Late Quaternary changes in the Westerly Winds over the Southern Ocean

Researcher: Alex Whittle
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Improving turbulence representation in high-resolution numerical weather prediction

Researcher: John Kealy
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Impact of combined climate change stressors on marine fish and fisheries

Researcher: Daniel Montgomery
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Global change during the Jurassic; applying multiproxy studies to outcrop and cores

Researcher: Alex Hudson
Theme(s): Solid Earth—-behavioural-responses-to-severe-weather-events-Understanding-economic-implications-and-the-potential-for-risk-transfer-to-the-insurance-industry.pdf“>Fishers’ behavioural responses to severe weather events: Understanding economic implications and the potential for risk transfer to the insurance industry

Researcher: Nigel Sainsbury
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Development of exploration tools for granite-breccia-hosted mineral deposits

Researcher: Callum Scott
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Assessing and managing ecological impacts of marine anthropogenic noise

Researcher: Tim Gordon
Theme(s): Living World“>Arctic Sea Ice and Extreme Weather

Researcher: James Warner
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Adapting to climate change: the impact of changing day light regimes on range-shifting insect populations

Researcher: Rachel Kehoe
Theme(s): Living World

British Antarctic Survey“>Life in the extreme: When did the water bears (Phylum Tardigrada) colonised Antarctica?

Researcher: Katherine Short
Theme(s): Living World“>Growing their separate ways: The ontogeny of Sexual Segregation in Antarctic Fur Seals

Researcher: Kayleigh Jones
Theme(s): Living World

British Geological Survey“>Physics-based Forecasting of Earthquake Sequences

Researcher: Simone Mancini
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Geophysical indicators of slope stability: towards improved early warning of landslide hazards

Researcher: James Whiteley
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Epithermal paleosurface evolution in emergent volcanoes: implications for shallow submarine mineral deposit exploration and preservation

Researcher: Amy-Jo Miles
Theme(s): Solid Earth

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology“>Prevalence and diversity of antimicrobial resistance genes in wild fish gut microbiota linked to diffuse and point source river pollution

Researcher: Holly Tipper
Theme(s): Living World

Natural History Museum“>Untangling the relationships between snails, schistosomes and the environment

Researcher: Tom Pennance
Theme(s): Living World

Met Office

No projects found

Plymouth Marine Laboratory“>Trade-offs between local acclimation and resilience in a rapidly changing ocean: Exploring the mechanisms behind the response of zooplankton to environmental stressors

Researcher: Louise Cornwell
Theme(s): Living World“>Integrating marine ecosystem services into macroeconomic modelling

Researcher: Emily Stebbings
Theme(s): Changing Planet

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