Researchers starting in 2014

PhD Researcher Profiles

University of Bath

Josephine Jackson“>The impact of social structure and genetic diversity on conservation of Malagasy birds

Researcher: Josephine Jackson
Theme(s): Living World

Kathryn“>Comparative genomics of wild avian species

Researcher: Kathryn Maher
Theme(s): Living World

University of Bristol

Michael Cooper“>What lies under the Greenland Ice Sheet?

Researcher: Michael Cooper
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Emily White“>What is the UK’s carbon footprint?

Researcher: Emily White
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Rebecca Perkins“>Timing of Cu-Au-Te-PGE porphyry-style mineralisation in northern Greece and Bulgaria

Researcher: Rebecca Perkins
Theme(s): Solid Earth

Alan Kennedy“>The formation and evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet – a combined model-data approach

Researcher: Alan Kennedy
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Pollination in an uncertain environment

Researcher: Michael Harrap
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World“>New insights into early diagenesis through space and time: diagenetic atlas and geobody characterisation

Researcher: Thomas Palmer
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Molecular evolution of vision in Ecdysozoa

Researcher: James Fleming
Theme(s): Living World“>Investigating the impacts of biological activity in Arctic snow and firn on the emission of climate reactive gases

Researcher: Moya MacDonald
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World

Bryony Sands“>Invertebrate biodiversity and ecosystem function in an African agricultural landscape.

Researcher: Bryony Sands
Theme(s): Living World

Richard Kelly“>Insect evolution through a crisis: the Triassic-Jurassic of England

Researcher: Richard Kelly
Theme(s): Living World

Rose Willoughby“>Improving our Understanding of the Optical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol

Researcher: Rose Willoughby
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Erik Mackie“>Has Antarctic ice loss altered the circulation of the Southern Ocean?

Researcher: Erik Mackie
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Ery“>Explosive Basaltic Eruptions: Flow Dynamics and Conduit Processes

Researcher: Ery Hughes
Theme(s): Solid Earth

Armin Eisler“>Early tetrapod evolution: Red Queen or Court Jester?

Researcher: Armin Elsler
Theme(s): Living World

James Crosby“>Do nutrients exported in Greenland Ice Sheet runoff impact coastal productivity and fisheries?

Researcher: James Crosby
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World

Jennifer Freer“>Biodiversity and evolutionary ecology of myctophids: an abundant and extraordinarily diverse clade of deep-sea fishes

Researcher: Jennifer Freer
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World“>Assessing past oxygen in the ocean using Cri isotopes as a palaeoproxy

Researcher: Serginio Remmelzwaal
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World

Cardiff University“>The true value of symbiosis: The role of Earthworm Microbiome in host plasticity and soil health

Researcher: Oliver Rimington
Theme(s): Living World

Amy–Oes-Greenhouse-Icehouse-Transition-A-combined-data-and-modelling-approach.pdf“>Sea level changes during Earth’s Greenhouse-Icehouse Transition: A combined data and modelling approach

Researcher: Amy Sparkes
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Jade_OLeary“>Multi-dimensional mycelia interactions

Researcher: Jade O'Leary
Theme(s): Living World

Robert Gooday“>Formation and age of the Arran central ring complex

Researcher: Robert Gooday
Theme(s): Solid Earth

Michael Hodge“>Development, deformation style, and seismic hazard of large normal faults

Researcher: Michael Hodge
Theme(s): Solid Earth“>Deep Sea Temperature and Ice Volume Change across the Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition: Insights from the Bering Sea

Researcher: Henrieka Detlef
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Rebecca Alexander“>Assessing the link between abrupt climate variability and global ice volume

Researcher: Elizabeth Alexander
Theme(s): Changing Planet

Exeter University“>‘Coastal-eye’ – monitoring coastal waters using a lightweight UAV

Researcher: James Duffy
Theme(s): Changing Planet“>Three‐dimensional space use by a top marine predator: New perspectives in animal movement at the interface between air and sea

Researcher: Bethany Clark
Theme(s): Living World“>The impact of population structure on the evolution of virus virulence

Researcher: Lewis Bartlett
Theme(s): Living World

Sam Oyesiku-Blakemore“>The costs of preference

Researcher: Sam Oyesiku-Blakemore
Theme(s): Living World

Ian Skicko“>Sexual selection and local adaptation to the environment

Researcher: Ian Skicko
Theme(s): Living World“>Quantifying contributions of fish to coral reef carbonate cycling and modelled responses to environmental change

Researcher: Robert Yarlett
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World“>Modelling the evolution of sociopolitical complexity

Researcher: Alice Williams
Theme(s): Living World“>Large-scale dynamics of black carbon in tropical river basins in South America

Researcher: Matthew Jones
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World

Sara“>Impacts of climate change on intertidal species, camouflage and predation

Researcher: Sara Mynott
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World“>Climate change impacts on UK fisheries: A social-ecological approach

Researcher: Katherine Maltby
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Living World, Solid Earth“>Assessing connectivity between MPAs: keystones, umbrellas, flagships and indicators – which taxa to include?

Researcher: Thomas Jenkins
Theme(s): Living World

Jodi Walsh“>Acoustic Emission technology for environmental and engineering health Monitoring of Offshore Renewable Energy

Researcher: Jodi Walsh
Theme(s): Solid Earth

British Antarctic Survey

Marta Misiak“>Soil fungal responses to warming in polar regions

Researcher: Marta Misiak
Theme(s): Changing Planet

 Centre for Ecology and Hydrology“>Tracking the “Ghost” of the Genome: The epigenetics of pollution adaptation in an environmental sentinel

Researcher: Ilze Rasnaca
Theme(s): Living World“>Source attribution and environmental fate and effects of Microplastics

Researcher: Alex Walton
Theme(s): Solid Earth

 Natural History Museum“>Drop in the ocean: ‘ground-truthing’ environmental DNA approaches for detecting important aquatic pathogens

Researcher: Georgia Ward
Theme(s): Changing Planet, Solid Earth

British Geological Survey“>Earth observation for advanced geoscience modelling – the Tellus South West airborne high resolution geophysical, multispectral and LiDAR survey

Researcher: Christopher Yeomans
Theme(s): Solid Earth

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