Research Themes

Our projects are structured around three over-arching, multidisciplinary research themes that encompass the broad range of NERC science. These reflect areas of research excellence in which we as the NERC GW4+ DTP are firmly established.

Dynamic Earth

  • Natural Hazards
    Geological, environmental and ecological hazards
  • Resources
    Exploration and management of natural resources
  • Solid Earth and Planetary Geology
    Origin, evolution, structure and dynamics of the Earth and solar system; solid Earth interactions with the biosphere and atmosphere
Helena Moretti, Augite glomerocryst

Credit: Helena Moretti, Augite glomerocryst from the Upper Pollara eruption of Salina, Aeolian Islands, Italy

Living World

  • Biogeochemical Cycles
    Tracing and modelling the flow of chemical elements and compounds between living organisms and the physical environment.
  • Genomes and Evolution
    Evolutionary change from molecular mechanisms and short-term processes to macro-scale speciation and mass extinction events.
  • Ecology, Conservation and Biodiversity
    Controls on the structure and function of natural communities and ecosystems; applications to conservation.
Forest Hawk

Credit: James Fleming, Blue-tailed Forest Hawk (Orthetrum triangulare)

Changing Planet

  • Atmospheres, Oceans and Ice
    Dynamics, chemistry and coupling; vulnerability to environmental change.
  • Climate Change, Impacts and Sustainability
    Characterizing and modelling past, present and future mechanisms and effects on ecosystems, health and society.
  • Water
    Hydrological cycle from source to sea; interaction with society and ecosystems, including risks associated with resources, ecology, and health.
Glacial snow, Greenland

Credit: Jon Telling, Sampling of glacier snow, Greenland

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