Each of the 10 partners is represented on our Management Board.

Professor Sue Wonnacott
University of Bath

Professor Heidy Mader
University of Bristol

Ian HallProfessor Ian Hall
Cardiff University

Professor Robbie McDonald
University of Exeter

Dr Louise Sime
British Antartic Survey

Dr Jon Naden
British Geological Survey

Dr David Spurgeon
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Dr Nigel Wood
Met Office

Dr Eileen Cox
Natural History Museum

Professor Icarus Allen
Plymouth Marine Laboratory


The Research Theme Board develops the DTP’s training programme around its three research themes: Living World, Changing Planet and Solid Earth – provide links TBA.

The Research Theme Leaders are:

Solid Earth
Professor Tim Elliott
University of Bristol

Living World
Dr Ceri Lewis
University of Exeter

Changing Planet
Professor Chris Budd
University of Bath

Grant Stentiford

Emily Slavin 
University of Bath

James Williams
Cardiff University

Susana Gutarra Diaz
University of Bristol

Daniel  Montgomery
University of Exeter

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