Public Policy Influence

Our students engage with our policy makers in a number of ways:

  • PolicyBristol blog post “Environments without Borders”
  • Input into a wider project- the Teat’s Hill renovation project. This project will renovate a coastal site in Plymouth between 2017 and 2018 and will assess the impacts of this on the local community in Plymouth.
  • Member of the committee of UKPN (UK Polar Network) and the IPECS (International Penguin Early Career Scientists group)
  • UK workshop on microplastics in freshwaters – Environment Agency
  • Contribution to a policy guide published by the British Ecological Society – ‘How can science influence Parliament?’
  • Marine anthropogenic litter paper cited in ‘The environmental impacts of marine litter’ by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) UK government
  • Involvement in a small-group discussion workshop and brainstorming at the Royal Society on post-Brexit agri-environmental policy with DEFRA civil servants and policy-makers.

Erik Mackie, University of Bristol

Erik Mackie undertook a three month placement the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) where he was given the opportunity to produce a POSTnote and POSTbrief on sea level rise for Parliamentary use

Download (PDF, 362KB)

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