Modelling Phase Equilibria in Magmatic Systems with MELTS

9 April  – 11 April 2018 – University of Bristol

Course currently open to NERC GW4+ DTP students only: All years

Register here:

Deadline for registration: 12 March 2018

The powerful MELTS family of software packages, based on thermodynamic principles, are widely used in igneous petrology and geochemistry to study the evolution of magmatic systems over a wide spectrum of compositions and conditions. Our 3-day intensive course will provide you with hands-on training in the use of this invaluable software, taught by two of the developers, Mark Ghiorso and Guilherme Gualda, with plenty of time available to interact with these experts in the field. For more information and to see how MELTS can help you in your research, see this decision tree and these FAQs. Don’t miss this opportunity to get to grips with your geochemical modelling!





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