The DTP organises a number of events which students will be expected to attend.  These events aim to develop the GW4+ network through a variety of research based and social events.

Orientation Event

A three day Orientation Event for the 2015-16 student intake will take place from 28-30 September 2015 at the Eden Project in Cornwall.  You will be introduced to fellow members of your cohort from across the GW4+ partnership through a series of informal, team building activities and partner presentations.  The aim is to develop the NERC GW4+ identity and forge relationships that will continue throughout your PhD and beyond.

For information about our events

Student Conference

You will be expected to participate in an annual, two-day student congress.  The congress will be an opportunity for students to present their research to the GW4+ partnership and to NERC students from the universities of Oxford and Southampton developing the Doctoral Training Network (DTN).  Student presentations will comprise posters and talks, and high-profile external speakers and DTN alumni will be invited to give keynote plenary lectures.


Research Seminars

The DTP will organise three half day research seminars every year across the GW4+ partnership and students will be expected to attend.


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