Work Placements

All 2nd and 3rd year DTP students can receive up to 3 months stipend in addition to their 3.5 years of funding to undertake a work placement of up to 3 months.  These placements are to occur in an environment outside of academia such as the science-policy interface, business administration, commercial research and development, publishing and consultancy, and all students are encouraged to secure a placement.    Placements are advertised either through the DTP as and when opportunities arise or developed by the students themselves with organisations they would like to work for.

Where students extend their funding for an extra three months, the student must not interrupt/suspend their studies and their thesis must be submitted within the original 4 year submission date.  For some placements, however, organisations may provide students with a salary in line with national employment laws.  In this instance students should interrupt/suspend their studies for the duration of their placement and extend their submission date.

The hosting organisation is expected to cover costs directly incurred by the student as part of the placement, although it may be appropriate for the students to use their training credits budget to defray some of these costs i.e. accommodation costs at the organisation’s location, travel to and from the registered University to the organisation location and travel visa costs (if required) whether the placement is DTP-funded or otherwise.


For placements advertised by the DTP, the application process will be set out in the advert.  For placements identified by students, students should:

1.     Identify a host organisation and develop a time defined project that capitalises on the student’s knowledge and expertise

2.     Submit a job description form to the DTP for approval by the Research Theme Board

3.     Once approved, placement agreements will be issued for signing by student, registered university and placement organisation

4.     Once signed, students will receive a confirmation email and student contact information form to be sent back to the DTP Hub one week after the start date of their placement.

5.      Supervisors will be expected to maintain contact with the students during their placement either in person, by telephone or virtually.

6.     Students will be asked to submit a placement feedback form to the DTP Hub following the end date of their work placement and students may be asked to present their work placement opportunities at the DTP annual conference or other associated events.

NERC GW4+ Job Description Form

Download (DOCX, 413KB)

Work Placement Examples

Download (PDF, 195KB)


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