Our current PhD Researchers

Here you can find information about our PhD Researchers’ projects and the latest version of the NERC GW4+ DTP Student Handbook which provides guidance on DTP policies and processes. The NERC GW4+ Student Handbook should be used alongside universities’ postgraduate handbooks and the Terms and Conditions of Research Council Training Grants available at http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/funding/grantstcs/   

PhD Projects

Please click on the links below to find a list of our PhD researchers and their projects for the DTP cohorts starting 2014-16. Project details for the 2017 cohort are currently being compiled. Please note that the project titles and descriptions are as they were at the beginning of the PhD and are intended to reflect the broader research questions of the project undertaken. It is in the nature of PhD research that the precise direction of the research and methods used do change as PhD researchers make progress, under the guidance of their supervisors.

Researchers starting in 2014

Researchers starting in 2015

Researchers starting in 2016



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