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A wonderful hand specimen of dioptase, a hydrated copper silicate mineral, in the Natural History Museum in Oslo

Earth and Planetary Evolution and Dynamics course – Timothy Gregory, University of Bristol

In May 2016, Leanne Staddon and I headed up north to Norway, where we attended the University of Oslo’s “Earth and Planetary Evolution and Dynamics” short-course. The week consisted of a series of lectures and workshops covering topics from planetary  accretion, mantle geodynamics, core formation, and high-pressure mineral assemblages. While not directly related to my project, the course […]

Artic Mycology training fieldwork

UNIS Arctic Mycology course – Marta Misiak, British Antarctic Survey

I am back from High Arctic…and I absolutely loved every second of it! I attended the 4 week Arctic Mycology course at the University of Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, Norway where I undertook a range of fieldwork and laboratory work, lectures and seminars, and a final assessment in the form of a project report.  Both group work and individual […]

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