8-10 January 2019, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter

Course open to:  All years

Course organiser: Dr Darren Soanes

Course fee for students not funded through the DTP: £200

Course registration:

Registration deadline: 14 December 2018


Objective:  Student to be able to navigate, analyse and manipulate files in a Unix/Linux file-system and be able to automate repetitive tasks using scripts.  Student to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with bioinformaticians in the handling, modelling, and analysis of large-scale biological data.   Student to gain experience of bioinformatics tools widely used in handling modern DNA sequencing data.

Composition :  Students work through the tasks at their own pace and ask the instructors for help when they get stuck or something is not clear.  They will be working on a Linux server, or . They will access the server via their laptop PC using either a virtual desktop (using X2Go software) or via a simple text-only interface (using Putty software). The instructors will help configure X2Go/Putty to get logged-in to the server.

Course details to be added

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