The DTP’s first Autumn School

20151201_161413The DTP ran its first Autumn School at Dartington Hall in Devon where our first year researchers were introduced to theory and research methods in each of the three research themes of Solid Earth, Living World and Changing Planet. The aim of the school was to promote understanding between the NERC disciplines and encourage interdisciplinary thinking within the researchers own research projects.

Lecturers, invited speakers and demonstrators from across the GW4+ partnership convened at Dartington Hall for the duration of the school to take the researchers through a number of field and computer-based practicals in their specific research theme.  A day’s training was provided in each of the areas of geological mapping, bioinformatics and climate modelling and researchers were asked to analyse data in those areas and present them to their fellow researchers.  For many of the researchers, this was the first time that they had carried out work in different research themes and the school provided the opportunity for those researchers to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s work.  On either side of this scientific training, researchers were provided training in project management and collaboration as a complimentary set of skills that would help build the foundations of truly collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

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