Fundamentals of EPMA Course

Cost: £250 

Comparative Monte Carlo simulation runs of generation of calcium Ka X-rays in calcite

Comparative Monte Carlo simulation runs of generation of calcium Ka X-rays in calcite at a) 20kV, b) 10kV, c) 5kV

The University of Bristol will be holding a 3.5 day course in the Fundamentals of Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA) from 7- 10 September 2015. World-leading analysts from the Universities of Bristol, Oxford, Leeds and Cambridge will lead the course; sharing their expertise to provide training and networking opportunities.

It is a graduate level course primarily directed at students of Earth Science.

The course will consist of a series of lectures, practicals, paper exercises, and review sessions and will come with a 100 page booklet detailing the full contents.

1) Overview of X-ray generation in the EPMA;
2) Energy Dispersive Spectrometry;
3) Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry;
4) EPMA simulation – Practical aspects;
5) Use of Standards;
6) Quantitative EPMA;
7) Advanced EPMA topics.

1) Introductory EPMA
2) The Energy Dispersive Spectrum;
3) X-ray mapping in the EPMA;
4)The Wavelength Dispersive Spectrum;
5) Monte Carlo Modelling;
6) Quantitative EPMA;
7) Trace Element Analysis;
8) Low Voltage EPMA.

Additionally there are two review sessions to recap analyses performed on instruments in the two overnight periods (one on post-processing X-ray maps and a second on quantitative data handling and errors). There are also two short sessions where participants are encouraged to present a short 5-minute presentation on their own research area – this then forms the basis of personal discussions with the course tutors.

Students who would like to attend the course or would like more information about the course are asked to contact Dr. Stuart Kearns by the 26th July. Please note, places for this course are limited and we recommend students confirm their attendance as soon as possible.


O Ka map on homogenous calcite at 20kV

O Ka map on homogenous calcite at 20kV



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