Public Engagement

Cornwall’s Science Sessions: Breakfast Show – Benjamin Makin and Sam Oyesiku-Blakemore – University of Exeter

Ben and Sam are co-presenters of their own science show on Thursday mornings at 7:30am on the The Source 96.1 FM  Their show highlights the work of academics and PhD students from across the UK and illustrate the science in everyday life with features including microbial antibiotic resistance, mongoose gang warfare, human settlement evolution and beer!  The programme builds on previous work for Pirate Radio’s “Cornwall’s Science Sessions” – past instalments can be heard here:

The Living Earth Globe– Alan Kennedy, Emily White and Michael Cooper – University of Bristol

The Living Earth Team, based at the University of Bristol, organise science-art crossover projects. Here we introduce our Globe: a 1.5m model of the Earth made from recycled and natural materials, built over the course of several days to illustrate how the Earth has evolved and changed through geologic time.  This project featured at Sunflowerfest 2016 and Einstein’s Garden (Green Man festival) 2016. For more information on upcoming Living Earth Team projects check out or

Here, midway through the third day of the project at NERC’s Into the blue event (Manchester, October 2016) we explain some of the crafty natural features of our Earth, prior to the arrival of the humans!



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