Innovation and Entrepreneurship


GW4+ EnvironmentYES 2015 Competition winners BioPhospate Solution (BPS)

  • 7-11 November 2016 – University of Bristol
  • 13-17 February  2017 – Streatham Campus, University of Exeter

Course open to: 2nd years

Course organiser: KKI Associates

Course fee for students not funded by the DTP: £400

Register for November
Deadline for registration: 26 September 2016

Register for February
Deadline for registration: 2 January 2017

Objective: To impart key skills in commercialisation to the attendees. There are a variety of modules addressing Innovation, Project Management, Finance, Market Research, and overall project feasibility.  Once provided with these skills, students are encouraged to enter the EnvironmentYES business plan competition

Composition: 4 day training workshop spread over 5 days in which attendees, in teams of 4-6, are given a number of tasks to accomplish through the day. In particular they are asked to prepare a presentation regarding the innovation or commercial potential of one of 5 nascent projects with an environmental focus.

Course dates & locations:

Day 1
PM – Communication and Impact How can we recognize potential impacts in advance? What factors make a technology of interest to the outside world? What opportunities are there to help people? How do we talk about our work?
Day 2
AM – The Markets How do we find out market size, segmentation, and
customer needs? Market research – find out about
customers and their needs. Market Segmentation. The chicken-gun test. Writing a marketing and sales plan – the basic vocabulary and facts.
PM – Intellectual Property (IP) & group work Types of IP, costs, and timescales.  Groups will brainstorm the idea – ‘technologies the world needs’.
Day 3
AM – Project Management ‘How to stay on time and on budget’ – Risk Assessment of projects, flow-charting them, and what to do when the flow chart gets complex.
PM – Group work Groups will develop their idea from teh afternoon session of day 2
Day 4
AM – Finance Basic operational budgets, combined with an appreciation of what things cost in real life. Students will be introduced to different types of costs (fixed, variable, etc) that go into budgets and how they are classified. Raising money, business angels and venture capitalists
PM – Group work Groups will develop their idea from the afternoon session of day 2
Day 5
AM – Team Presentations Teams deliver presentations of their ‘world-changing’ ideas.





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