Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Spatial Analysis


2016-17 course dates & locations:QGIS spatial analysis
5-8 December 2016, University of Bristol;
27 Feb-2 Mar 2017, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter

Course open to:  All years

Course Organiser: Dr Mark O’Connell

Course fee for students not funded through the DTP:  £280

December registration:
Registration deadline: 24 October 2016

February registration:
Registration deadline: 16 January 2017

Objective: The course focuses on two key themes: (1) Operation: you will learn the basic structure, operations and functionality of a GIS; (2) Use: though worked examples, you will understand how to use GIS within a research process.  The course is aimed at students across all the NERC disciplines.

Composition: Theoretical and practical course with a workshop focussing on how to work with data that the student’s bring in from their own disciplines.

Day 1 – making maps and GIS overview; GIS underlying components and structures; map coordinate systems, projections and datum; satellite and remote sensed data; GIS analytical capabilities.

Day 2 – Working with more advanced functions and tools and QGIS spatial analysis  (a series of exercises using different data types and analyses (plus some new tools and functions).

Day 3 – QGIS spatial analysis continued and an overview of more advanced GIS analyses and techniques  including species distribution models and landscape change modelling.

Day 4 -Workshop covering the potential for analysing your own data (collected or proposed) and enhancing your research: methods, data requirements, data sources, outputs, etc.




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