Statistical Analysis with R

2016-17 dates:

31 October – 4 November 2016 – Truro, Cornwall
17-21 April 2017 – Cardiff University

Course open to: All years

Course Organiser: Dr Rob Thomas

Course fee for students not funded through the DTP: £480

Register for October:
Deadline for registration: 3 October 2016

Register for April:
Deadline for registration: 6 March 2017

Objective: To develop competence and confidence in data analysis, encompassing the majority of statistical methods that most earth and environmental scientists need to use in their day-to-day research, as well as a conceptual framework for learning more specialised methodologies for particular research fields.  This course is aimed at those students who will be using statistics during their PhD and extra support during the course is provided for those students with a basic knowledge of statistics.

Composition:  A 5-day practical workshop  introducing students to the theory and practice of statistical analysis  and the opportunity to apply the methods to their own data sets and/or class example data sets.

Session topics:

  1. Using (and not abusing) Generalised Linear Models (GLM),
  2. Analysing count data data with GLM,
  3. Analysing binomial, proportional and ordinal data with GLM,
  4. Generalised Additive Models (GAM),
  5. Mixed models (GLMM) and alternatives to GLMM,
  6. Multi-model inference and model averaging,
  7. Bootstrapping,
  8. Time-series analysis,
  9. Survival analysis,
  10. Spatial analysis,
  11. Multivariate methods,
  12. Where to go from here; onwards and upwards with R.

These sessions will include relevant material for researchers using both R and other analytical software such as Arc-GIS, Q-GIS and Matlab.


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