Communicate with Confidence

Course dates and locations:

  • 21-23 November 2017 – University of Bristol

Course open to: 2nd & 3rd year

Course Organiser (s) : VOX Coaching and Dr. Kris de Meyer

Course fee for students not funded through the DTP: £400

Register for November:
Deadline for registration: 6 November 2017

Objectives: To transform student’s approach to communication in the varied contexts of academia and industry. Student confidence is built and students are equipped them with practical techniques for achieving personal impact, speaking compellingly about what they do and interacting constructively with others.  Practical training will then be contextualised by looking at the different roles that scientists play in society.

Composition: 3 day practical and interactive course where students  examine their communication styles and explore and rehearse fresh approaches.

Day 1 Confidence at Conference
• Preparing for a conference presentation
• Connecting with audiences
• Managing nerves and coping with pressure
• Strengthening vocal and physical presence
• Handling questions
• Speaking about what you do in formal and informal situations
• Reading others’ behaviour, body language and vocal tone
• Understanding status and influence
• Developing confidence in networking situations
• Finding your natural communication style
Day 2  In the Spotlight: Success on Screen
• Structuring material
• Production − how to produce a 2-3 minute, self-filmed video
• The basics of camera and microphone technique
• Vocal clarity and range
• Getting the pace right
• Physical presence and body language
• Connecting with disparate audiences
• Finding your own, authentic style
• Acquiring confidence
• Effective preparation and rehearsal
Day 3  Science Communication: Talking (and Listening) to Diverse Audiences
The workshop consists of two parts. Part A addresses the relationship between scientific research and science-based policy. Part B introduces knowledge from neuroscience and psychology relevant to understanding how your audiences may respond to what you want to communicate. The material covers key topics from “Time for Change?”, a report of the UCL commission on the communication of climate science.




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